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Product Testing and Approval

Rockford can complete design proving in house to give customers confidence that the design is fit for purpose.

We have:

  • Environmental Chambers (Up to 1m2)
  • Pressure Tester (Water) (0.75m2 up to 2000psi)
  • Flex and Bend Testing Rigs
  • Submersion Tanks
  • Tensile Test Rigs
  • Electronic test utilising MK test Systems, Cirrus Systems and Ditmco
  • Full Electronic load and burn in
  • RF Testing using Network Analysers up to 6Ghz

Using Industry partners Rockford can manage the Product Approval process through UKAS accredited Test Houses.  Rockford can produce the test specifications, test fixtures, monitoring equipment and reports in house to supply a fully designed and tested solution.

Environmental chamber & testing rig