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SiG All STAR Event / 23.05.2017

Rockford attended the inaugural i3 SiG All STAR event at Nottingham University on Tuesday.

Rockford and 10 other beneficiaries were asked to present case studies on the Sharing in Growth programme.

Following our presentation and a prior showcase submission, Rockford won the Inspire Award, one of only 3 awards across all beneficiaries.

The Inspire Award is recognition of an engagement that demonstrates a huge culture change within the business, whereby the organisation has established a clear vision, mission and huge ambition that is leading to major growth within the business for both sales and people.

The award was judged with the following criteria:
• Leadership behaviours, resulting in a culture change within the business
• Ambitious business goals (year-on-year growth)
• Demonstration of impact towards the vision and mission.
• Engaged workforce, people understand how they are contributing to the success of the business
• Confidence of the people is continuing to grow
• Achievement of major ambitions within business growth

Andy Page, CEO Sharing in Growth said “. I am sure you will agree that the event was inspiring, and it could not have been achieved without your commitment to the programme and your willingness to share your journey with the wider SiG community. I know the transparency and openness of your showcase presentation has stimulated others to reflect and take away the learning to apply in their own organisation. “


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